Syconn Solutions

A research organization determined to establish practical solutions to counter internal forces undermining our country.

Today’s most significant internal threat is the political forces controlling our government-run public school system.

Syconn Solutions

Where Great Ideas Unite

Research reveals that thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations are currently diligently fighting in their unique way to stop the sinister indoctrination of our Kids’ minds. Syconn Solutions is launching a national, organized, well-funded, strategic attack plan. We are communicating with individuals and organizations that currently promote their unique plans to create synergism, a common focus, and list of priorities. Out of individual voices, we are creating a universal voice.

The Problem

Parents nationwide are now aware that our government-run schools are no longer schools; they have become indoctrination centers using our kids as political pawns to advance their radical agendas. Parents are caught in the middle between love for their children, a powerful government, and the teacher’s unions that seek control of their children’s minds.

Our Vision & Mission

To empower parents with all the tools and resources they need to defend their rights as parents to control their kids’ education. Educational Freedom is the battle cry. Syconn Solutions is answering the call by connecting many voices heading toward the same goal on different paths. Parents and their kids desperately need a more unified support structure. Many parents are fighting the battle, but most don’t know what to do or who to trust. These parents are just hurting and desperately need answers.

Support The Movement Today

There are many ways to contribute to this movement.To accomplish our mission, we ask for contributions from people like you who believe in Freedom of Education.

You can make a financial contribution to our efforts by supporting a nonprofit organization dedicated to moving this forward.

One nonprofit is Futures Fulfilled, Inc. Learn more about it HERE.

The primary program we support is the United Parents Support Network. This is a network of nonprofit and parent organizations aligned with supporting parents having the right to direct and develop their kids’ education.

If you have ideas or would like to volunteer time, please let us know, and we will get back to you.